How to Start a Business with Less Than $100

Many pebusiness_woman_resized_tilt_adjusted_2ople are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, and they might have good ideas, but there is one thing that is setting them behind – the budget. There are many types of businesses who require a big investment, and
even if people would like to start such a thing, the lack of money will deter them.

However, there are also some businesses that don’t require such a large sum of money to get them started, and usually those are what some people should follow if they want to get some profit.

We’re going to talk today about a few businesses that don’t require a lot of investment – some of them could be done from the comfort of your home, while others will require you to move around.

Nail Art

 This is the type of business that is adequate for women. Many of you have seen that women now like to wear long nails, made with UV gel or acrylic powder. What is great about these nails is that the woman who wears them doesn’t need maintenance for at least 3 weeks, assuring a long lasting manicure.

The initial investment for this type of business will be in a workshop or a course to become a nail technician, and sometimes, you will get to keep all the products used in the class. It’s easy and it’s also beautiful, but it’s something that is adequate for those who have patience and attention to details.

Business-ideas-to-increase-your-revenuesOnce you’ve got your nail technician diploma, you can start working from home or going to the clients. Keep in mind that in just a month you can recover all your investment, but you will have to keep investing in UV gels and other materials that you’ll need.


 If you’re in this domain, you can start your own business and keep the accountability for several small businesses. All you will need for this is a license or a working contract – even part time – with those businesses. Today, there are plenty of programs that you can use, and some of them are free to download from the online environment. The initial investment will be only for the license to practice this on your own.

House Keeping

 If you have more free time and you like to have a sparkling house, then you could start a house keeping business. The initial investment will also be for the license and for the cleaning materials. You don’t have to start big, as in the beginning all you will need is a vacuum cleaner (it’s better to have your own) and some general cleaning products (make sure they are for professional use). With just a few clients per week, you will be able to recover your investment in no time.


 If you’re really good at English or at any other foreign language, you can start to write for blogs, websites, magazines and other online media. There is a huge request on this market, but the secret is that you have to be business_professionals_leader_1600_clrable to offer them exactly what they want. A good article is unique and interesting, and it offers people relevant information about what they are looking for. The same, you can do ghost writing, meaning you can write for someone else and they take all the credit (like books or articles).

The investment for this type of business will be minimal, as many have a computer at their homes and an internet connection. However, instead of investing money, you will have to invest time into this business. It can bring you a nice profit, but the free time will be less and less – you’ll have to respect strict deadlines and no delays are accepted.